One of the more lucrative aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi) is the ability for crypto holders to generate an income on their investments. Yield farming is one of the strategies investors are utilising to generate these returns. A scenario of this is how yield farms collect interest and additional tokens…

My name is Lars Brünjes, and I am a German mathematician holding a PhD in pure mathematics from Regensburg University in Bavaria in Southern Germany.

I started programming in my early teens and have been working professionally on Software Development for 15 years. …

Introduction to Genius Yield

Automated Yields Optimizer on Cardano

One of the primary reasons why DeFi has gained unparalleled popularity is the possibility of getting a much higher yield as compared to the traditional financial system. …

Genius Yield

Cardano’s first Concentrated Liquidity DEX combined with an AI-powered Liquidity Management protocol

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