Announcing the Genius NFTs Minting!

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4 min readSep 8, 2022

NFTs have become an essential part of the crypto sphere and more particularly they play a considerable role in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), allowing projects to offer new services by giving them interesting utilities and use cases.

With that in mind, Genius Yield is proud to announce the future mint of the Genius NFTs!
The Genius NFTs will be 8000 collectible and dazzling 3D cards featuring our new mascot and they will also provide utility on the Genius Yield platform. The mint price for these NFTs will be 70 ADA each. There will be a 13% royalty fee on all secondary market trades which will fund the Genius Yield DAO treasury.

Genius NFTs Utilities

The Genius NFTs will grant from 2% to 6% APY boost on $GENS rewards from staking rewards on the GENS staking program for a full year. But what does this mean in practice?

The % APY on the GENS staking program on liquidity mining hasn’t been announced yet but let’s take this example.

Let imagine the APY is 10% for the $GENS staking program, with a lockup for 1 year. By staking a Genius NFT you would boost your APY from 10% to 12%, or even up to 16% depending on the rarity of the Genius NFT you own!

In our example: John is staking 10,000 $GENS tokens for 1 year. He expects to earn 1000 $GENS tokens (10%) at the end of his staking period. With a Genius NFT he can boost his rewards from 200 (+2%) to 600 (+6%) more $GENS tokens!

Important note: Genius NFT’s APY boost do not stack. Only one APY boost can be active at a time.

Once a Genius NFT is staked into the Genius Yield staking App, there will be a timer showing how much time is left on the APY Boost.

Genius NFTs Rarity

The Genius NFTs are splitted in 4 different levels of rarity. When purchasing a Genius NFT on our NFT subpage using NMKR, you will mint at random one of the 8000 Genius NFTs.

The rarity ratios are:
75% chance to get a “common” +2% APY Boost Genius NFT
18.7% chance to get a “rare” +3% APY Boost Genius NFT
6.2% chance to get an “epic” +5% APY Boost Genius NFT
0.1% chance to get a “legendary” +6% APY Boost Genius NFT

Genius NFTs Roadmap

We wanted to reward our long-term supporters and holders of a Genius Yield bonus ISPO NFT (Diamond Hands / Ape / Degen / HODLer / Shark / FOMO) by giving them the opportunity to register for a secured spot on the whitelist. That’s why we are dividing the Genius NFT mint in 2 phases:

  • The community minting: 6000 Genius NFTs will be for sale for 70 ADA each only for whitelisted ISPO NFT holders. Being whitelisted will grant you at least 1 spot for minting a Genius NFT.


- Round 1 Starting on Monday, September 19th 2022 at 2PM UTC for all ISPO NFT whitelisted holders.

- Round 2 Starting on Tuesday, September 20th 2022 at 2PM UTC additional mints for Tier 1 ISPO NFT whitelisted holders.

  • The public minting: 2000 Genius NFTs will be available for the public minting at 70 ADA each, no whitelisting required, on a first come, first served basis.
    Date: Starting on Wednesday, September 21st at 3PM UTC until they are all sold out!

How to get Whitelisted for the Community Minting

If you are holder of a bonus ISPO NFT, you can now verify your wallet on our Discord server using CNFT tools: go to ✅-wallet-verification. Once your wallet is verified, our Discord bot will automatically grant you roles according to the ISPO NFTs in your verified wallet (this process can take up to 1 hour to be completed). These roles are dynamic, meaning that if you trade or send this NFT to another wallet, you’ll lose your roles.

Once your roles have been granted please head over our new whitelisting channel 🧠-genius-nft-whitelisting that we opened on our Discord server for the Genius OGs (To have the Genius OG role, one must be owner of at least 1 bonus ISPO NFT). There, you can register the wallet that will be whitelisted for Round 1 of the Genius NFT community sale.

Holders of a tier 1 ISPO NFT (Diamond Hands and Ape) can also register for additional whitelist spots by going to the💎🐵-tier-1-additional-whitelisting channel. Once Round 1 of the community sale is over, Tier 1 whitelisted ISPO NFT holders will be able to purchase in Round 2 the remaining Genius NFTs allocated to the community sale, while supplies last!

The exact numbers of whitelist spots allocated for each role will be revealed closer to the mint.

Whitelisting will close September 18th, 2022, at 2PM UTC for the Genius NFT Community Mint

Get ready to mint those sweet Genius NFTs and unlock their powerful utilities!



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