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6 min readJun 24, 2022


Hello Genius community!

After the conclusion of our ISPO in May, we know that many of you are eager to own the NFTs that were described in our bonus reward program.

Last week we released the latest version of our dashboard, which now displays your regular rewards as well as bonus rewards and NFT eligibility.

Minting will start officially on Tuesday, June 28th at 3PM UTC! Get ready!

The Designs

For the ISPO NFTs we worked with a talented 3D artist agency: Motioner Animation Studio. These “magnetic cards” are your key to unlock the GENS staking program on your ISPO vested GENS tokens. Those keys also will unlock new features and utilities in the future… Keep them safe!

The utility

As stated in our previous announcements, the ISPO NFTs rewarded to our delegators have the unique utility to unlock the GENS staking program on the ISPO vested GENS tokens. Based on overwhelming community feedback, ISPO NFTS are no longer connected to the delegators wallets for the purpose of the GENS staking programs. These NFTs can be traded, and the buyer could then stake their vested ISPO GENS. A 13% trading royalty fee will be applied on the secondary market and 100% of these royalties will go to the Genius Yield DAO treasury.
The public sale round eligibility is still tied to the delegators wallet, the NFT is not needed to participate in the public sale. For the public sale, we will create a whitelist based on bonus rewards eligibility, not the NFT.

At Genius Yield, we have a long-term vision for all of our products. We therefore already have several use cases planned for these NFTs and they will be announced as we move forward in the development of our protocol, partnerships, and the Genius ecosystem in general.

The Whitelists

Eligible delegators will be able to mint the different ISPO NFTs at no additional cost except transaction fees. We have provided CardaHub with the list of eligible stake keys for each NFT. It is therefore impossible to mint an NFT for which you are not eligible.

The “Late Fan NFT”, will be purchasable for 50 ADA. This whitelist is open only to delegators who did not qualify for a bonus ISPO NFT.

Being on a whitelist allows you to mint only one NFT per type. For example, if you are eligible for Diamond Hands and Shark, you can mint only one Diamond Hands and one Shark NFT.

How to check if you are whitelisted? Nothing could be simpler, enter your stake key in the latest version of our dashboard and you will see your NFT eligibility displayed. If you are unsure on how to find your stake key, watch our short video for more information.

How to mint?

Those NFT will be available for minting through our Genius X partner CardaHub.

To mint, go to the ISPO NFTs distribution pages, There is one distribution webpage for each type of NFT.

Diamond Hands:

Late Fan:

CardaHub is a platform that utilizes smart contracts, so it requires a buyer/minter to use a wallet with a Dapp connector. Please note: you will have to use the wallet that you used for the Genius Yield ISPO. Only this wallet is whitelisted and by using another you would not be able to mint or purchase any ISPO NFTs.

If you have used an existing wallet with a dapp connector, like Nami wallet, EternL or Gero wallet, you can directly use that.

If you have used a wallet without a Dapp Connector like Daedalus or Yoroi mobile for example, you can restore it in a Dapp connector compatible wallet. We recommend using EternL wallet browser extension.

Please make sure to download your wallet directly from EternL website. Also triple check to make sure it’s not an imposter site or download link.

Restore your wallet: EternL (ex CCVault) allows you to easily restore an existing wallet by clicking on “create or restore wallet” and using the seed phrase from the wallet you used for the ISPO to restore it. Here is a youtube tutorial explaining the process in details : How to restore from Daedalus/Yoroi/Nami to Eternl (ccvault)!

Please note : The Genius Yield and EternL’s staff will NEVER ask for your passwords or seed phrases.

Set Collateral: In order to interact with the platform, you must set up collateral of 5 ADA. Collateral is a monetary mechanism used to guarantee that nodes are compensated for their work in case the validation of Plutus script (address of smart contract) fails. This secures the network and prevents failures by preventing malicious actors from flooding the network

Once your Dapp connector compatible wallet is set up you can mint your precious NFT!

Users of a compatible cold wallet (ledger for example) don’t have to restore a wallet using their seed phrase. They can “pair” it with EternL or Nami.

Some users reported minting issues, here are the major ones and how you can fix them:

  • Ledger users have reported a disturbing request from their device: when validating the mint, their ledger asks them to send their entire fund.
    It is actually an internal transaction due to the execution of the smart contract. The entire wallet is sent in a single UTXO. The funds will remain (transaction fees excluded) and you will receive your NFT. Dozens of users have tried it and it works perfectly well.
  • FeeTooSmall error : This is actually due to the complexity of the UTXOs in the wallet. There is two ways to proceed to fix this issue.
    1. Use a single address wallet like Gero or Nami
    2. In EternL : switch off collateral, enable single address mode, send all assets to yourself, send a clean 5 ada from another wallet. Then set collateral again so it finds a new UTXO. Restart your browser and reconnect a ledger if appropriate.
  • ValidationTagMismatchError: The wallet you are using is containing too much NFTs and tokens, thus it increases the size of a transaction to such an extent that it is rejected by the blockchain.
    Send all your NFTs and most of your tokens in another wallet before minting.
  • MissingVkWitnessesError: Check you are using the Cardano Mainnet.
  • Maximum mints exceeded: There is two explanations:
    1. You already minted the NFT: you can’t mint twice.
    2. You have canceled the signing message for any reason: you need to wait at least 30 minutes before trying again.

We are well aware those issues are not user friendly and we are working with the CardaHub team to improve this. If you are still having trouble to mint your NFT feel free to contact us on our Telegram channel or Discord server and we will help you.

Discord Roles

In the near future we will install a wallet verification process in order to give our NFT holders the possibility of unlocking different roles according to the NFTs of the Genius Yield ecosystem that they own. Owners of an ISPO NFTs who have verified their wallet will therefore be given a special status as well as access to certain private groups and the possibility of being whitelisted for future minting events.



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