Announcing the Genius Yield Mascot Contest NFT Sale Terms and Details

Our Genius Yield mascot contest has been very popular, and our 6 winning artists have been busy creating amazing NFT art collections, a set of 10 each, with their particular genius bot mascot designs. Each collection of 10 NFTs will be available for purchase through our Genius X partner Cardahub. Cardahub is a smart contract based NFT platform on the Cardano blockchain aimed at creating a one-stop shop Cardano NFT marketplace. In the future, to make payments more accessible, Cardahub will be supporting payments via any Cardano Native Token, not just ADA, as part of its commitment to a user friendly marketplace.

The sale date for this NFT collection series will begin on June 1st at 6PM UTC.
In the spirit of our platform providing opportunities for you to earn, we not only wanted to engage the community in finding a new mascot, but we also wanted to provide those of you supporting Genius Yield and the amazing artists who contributed their work, the ability to earn extra yield! So we are pleased to announce that all 60 of the mascot NFTs will have additional utility by giving you an extra 3% APY on GENS rewards earned via liquidity mining in the GENS staking program for a full year!

We also put you in control of when you choose to take advantage of this bonus utility. Users who own these NFTs will be able to choose when they are activated for their APY earning functionality. Activation is done when you first choose to earn yield with your NFTs by staking them on the Genius DEX. The price for each individual NFT will be 300 ADA. Artists will be awarded 100% of the sale price. Secondary transactions will incur a 10% trading royalty and 100% of these royalties will go to the Genius Yield DAO treasury. People are free to purchase as many NFTs as they wish and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and our other social media and get ready to snatch these up!

We want to thank the amazing and creative Cardano community for submitting their unique genius bot mascot creations and for the top 6 selected artists for their hard work in creating these NFT collections. Below are each set of NFTs by all 6 artists which we want to highlight here. They did a great job! Stay tuned for the sale!

Artist’s Twitter:

Artist’s Twitter:

Artist’s Twitter:

Artist’s Twitter:

Artist’s Twitter:

Artist’s Twitter:

Please give them a follow!

About Genius Yield

Genius Yield is an all-in-one protocol on Cardano that opens up access to DeFi for everyone. Our solutions are practical and distill the needless complexities in the thriving crypto industry. Participants earn passive income through the Genius DEX and Smart Liquidity Vaults in a mitigated environment without impermanent loss, innovating in liquidity provision.

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