Cardano’s next big thing: Genius Yield’s Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO)

Genius Yield
4 min readNov 24, 2021


Genius Yield is launching its ISPO: Stake your ADA, Support new projects and Obtain the new project’s tokens

About Genius Yield

Genius Yield is a DeFi asset management solution implemented on the Cardano blockchain to provide superior yield optimization and high returns to users. Genius Yield has developed an AI-powered Smart Liquidity Management protocol that algorithmically automates asset allocation to maximize users’ annual percentage yield (APYs) while minimizing risk exposure.

High capital efficiency is achieved by leveraging a concentrated liquidity DEX, similar in functionality to Uniswap V3, but completely redesigned from the ground up to fully benefit from Cardano’s UTXO-based ledger.

While DeFi provides many investment opportunities, managing capital is both complex and time-consuming for most users. Genius Yield is an all-in-one solution that enables users to benefit from advanced algorithmic trading strategies within an intuitive, hassle-free, and secure platform.


Genius Yield was designed to address the complexity of navigating yield opportunities in DeFi. Its mission is to democratize DeFi for everyone by providing best-in-class automated liquidity management, powered by AI.

In the spirit of financial inclusion, the platform was created to cater to both sophisticated and novice DeFi users. At Genius Yield, we believe knowledge is power. This is why we created the Genius Academy, a community-driven educational and mentorship platform that teaches DeFi concepts and supports everyone in their journey towards financial freedom.

What is an ISPO?

An ISPO is a revolutionary new fundraising mechanism that is more fair, inclusive, secure. It is an unique and inclusive financing tool that allows the community to support their favorite project without investing their own assets, but instead leveraging Cardano’s native reward incentive structure.

How can you delegate ADA to earn GENS tokens? By participating in the ISPO, the Cardano community can support Genius Yield’s development, while earning GENS protocol tokens. To do so, users must use their wallet to delegate their ADA to Genius Yield’s stake pool (e.g. Yoroi and Daedalus).

An ISPO is a good way for DeFi initiatives to distribute tokens in a fair and decentralized manner while also gaining community support. It poses no danger to delegators since, unlike an IDO, they do not have to spend their ADA to obtain protocol tokens.

Furthermore, because of its superior and unique Proof-of-Stake design, ISPOs are only available on the Cardano blockchain. Genius Yield is devoted to fully utilizing Cardano’s protocol, including a rigorous and UTXO-first approach to product design and development.

We at Genius Yield believe that ISPOs have the potential to reignite the ecosystem of PoS blockchains by providing benefits to all parties involved. Because most members of the crypto community have seen the many hollow promises of the 2017–2018 ICO era, risks associated with IODs, the new ISPO model has a chance to earn their trust.

As more crypto projects turn to ISPOs for funding, investors will be able to support the projects they care about without fear of losing money.

Genius Yield ISPO basics

Start date: December 15th, 2021

End date: June 15th, 2022

$GENS Rewards: 10 Million GENS

Running for 36 Epoch (1 epoch = 5 days)

Accumulated $GENS rewards will be airdropped to the delegator’s wallet after at the Token Genesis Event (time of minting).

The Daedalus or Yoroi wallets allow ADA holders to delegate their funds to a stake pool in exchange for staking rewards. To participate in the ISPO you will simply need to delegate to Genius Yield’s’ stake pools. In return, you will be rewarded with GENS tokens based on the amount of ADA staked and the length of staking. For more details see our ISPO documentation.

Partnership with MAESTRO

We are excited to announce that MAESTRO is our official ISPO partner. Their team of experienced engineers will deploy and operate Genius Yield’s stake pools and keep the ISPO running smoothly. We are grateful for this collaboration!


When will I receive my GENS rewards?

GENS rewards will be airdrop to delegators’s wallet address after the completion of the ISPO

What if a GENS pool gets saturated?

Genius Yield will create new pools as needed to handle saturation. As of now, pool saturation is at 64 million ADA.

How will GENS rewards be calculated?

The rewards will be both proportional to the amount delegated and the duration of the delegation. In other words, the more ADA you delegate and the longer you delegate the more you will earn GENS tokens.

What is the difference between the 100% and 50% GENS pool?

By delegating to the 100% pool, you will accumulate twice as many GENS tokens compared to the 50% pool. In the 50% pool you are only giving away 50% of your ADA staking reward and therefore accumulate only half of the possible GENS per epoch.



Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.