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4 min readJul 29, 2022


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Genius Academy!

Genius Academy is an upcoming educational portal where users can learn about crypto, blockchain, DeFi, and more. Being a part of the broader Genius Yield ecosystem, the Genius Academy arms readers with the necessary toolsets by availing in-depth articles for users to better grasp the increasingly sophisticated and dynamic crypto and DeFi ecosystems. This way, they can confidently leverage blockchain-led solutions presented by dependable DeFi protocols or cryptocurrency networks like Cardano as they inch closer to financial autonomy.

Regardless of experience in crypto and blockchain, Genius Academy users will learn about DeFi concepts like DEX, NFTs, curving bonds, liquidity pools, order books, concentrated liquidity, oracles, and much more. The academy will use its experienced team to create easy-to-consume DeFi, crypto, and blockchain content, thereby helping promote adoption. This mirrors Genius Yield’s objective of making DeFi solutions easy to utilize and blockchain technology, often wrapped in complex jargon, understandable for everyday users.

Strengthening user education is necessary for fast-tracking the uptake of DeFi and crypto solutions in the real world. According to a research study, by the close of 2021, there were less than 300 million unique crypto wallets, representing a 178 percent jump from 2020. Although the numbers are impressive, there was less than two percent of crypto acceptance in payments, despite substantial interest among online retailers to adopt digital assets. Researchers picked out fear related to volatility and asset security and the steep learning curve in crypto as obstacles slowing adoption. The Genius Academy is at the forefront of addressing the latter problem by availing a simple-to-use educational platform where users can, at any time, learn and grow their cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge.

The Genius Academy is initially launching with over 70 articles, guides on DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain, and videos covering essential cryptocurrency-related topics. Genius Academy will gradually add more articles and courses on various topics, mainly in DeFi and crypto. Three reputable experts in Dr. Lars Brunjes, who holds a Ph.D. in pure mathematics from the University of Regensburg in Germany and is an expert in Haskell and Plutus programming languages; Christopher Fox, a Ph.D. holder who helps financial innovators shine as thought leaders, and Loic Staub, a Swiss attorney-at-law and a Regulatory Leaser at JayBee who has been active in the crypto field since 2016, will be part of the Genius Academy program. Dr. Lars is the Genius Yield Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and works on several scientific topics in IOG, the lead developer of the Cardano blockchain.

Commenting, Dr. Lars Brunjes said:

“I’m excited to help with the launch of the Genius Academy and its mission of educating the rapidly growing crypto base. This platform complements the broader objectives of the Genius Yield, an all-in-one platform democratizing DeFi. I’ll actively participate in this program as one of the Academy’s experts, sharing my knowledge on Plutus and Haskell.”

Genius Academy has broad plans of becoming a leading crypto and blockchain educational platform. Towards this grand goal, it acknowledges the importance of striking valuable collaboration with established institutions with whom they share similar goals. This is why the Genius Academy is partnering with the PSL University (Paris Sciences & Lettres), an umbrella bringing together 11 ivy-league universities and engineering schools in France.

In addition, Genius Academy works with several companies such as Emurgo Academy to explore synergies and provide our audiences with ever better content.

PSL is ranked in the top 50 highly ranked universities in the world and benefits from its close collaboration with three research institutions: Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique (INRIA), and Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM).

  • CNRS is the The French National Center for Scientific Research is the French state research organization and is the largest fundamental science agency in Europe.
  • INRIA is the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics that promotes “scientific excellence for technology transfer and society”.
  • INSERM is the French National Institute of Health & Medical Research) is the only public sector research institution in France exclusively dedicated to human health.

PSL has also partnered with Ecole Française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO), Ecole nationale d’administration, Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), and la Fémis, Beaux-Arts de Paris as their three main academic partners.

  • EFEO is the only French establishment entirely dedicated to Asian studies. It conducts research in Human sciences and contemporary problematics.
  • EnsAD is a public institution of higher education under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.
  • Beaux-Arts de Paris is a teaching institution and conservator of 450,000 works of art, from the ancient to the contemporary.

MINES Paris, a top engineering school in the country, and Paris Dauphine University, renowned for its teaching in finance and economics, are among the 11 institutions under PSL.

Following PSL’s agreement with the Genius Academy, MINES Paris — PSL and Paris Dauphine University professors will give lectures in an arrangement where registering students will get a degree suitable for mid-career executive professionals.

About Genius Academy

The Genius Academy is an educational and mentorship academic platform by Genius Yield, a protocol on Cardano, that teaches DeFi concepts through simple-to-understand articles for all classes of crypto users. The portal’s courses are being drafted by experienced tutors and experts packaged to support everyone in their journey towards financial freedom.

Genius Academy webpage:

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