Introduction to Genius Yield

Automated Yields Optimizer on Cardano

One of the primary reasons why DeFi has gained unparalleled popularity is the possibility of getting a much higher yield as compared to the traditional financial system. Becoming a liquidity provider and contributing to the liquidity pool of a decentralized money market is the most common and effective way of getting better returns on a person’s holdings.

However, the growing number of DeFi protocols has made it difficult for a user to get the best possible yields. In essence, the users or the liquidity providers have to constantly analyze the market and keep an eye on the highest yield being offered by a protocol at a specific time period.

Therefore, it has become a common practice for liquidity providers to keep shifting between different protocols in order to get the best possible average yield. They follow this practice to provide liquidity in a pool that offers the highest yield at that point in time.‌

It can be easily observed that this process is cumbersome and less rewarding. If the user misses even a single chance to provide liquidity in a high APY protocol, he is unable to get the maximum possible benefit.

This is where Genius brings its powers.

Genius is the amalgamation of an advanced UI with strong, complex algorithms on the backend providing a seamless environment for the DeFi users to earn optimized yield.

At its core, Genius Yield is a noncustodial automated market maker and Smart Liquidity Management implemented in Plutus for the Cardano Blockchain.In comparison to other AMM protocol, Genius Yield provides increased capital efficiency and fine-tuned control to liquidity providers, more flexible fee structure using same principle like Uniswap 3.

The platform works automatically to shift the users’ deposits between different liquidity pools and generate the maximum possible yield with the lowest risk.

Moreover, Genius provides a customized solution for all users based on certain characteristics. Any user who deposits on Genius can select his preferred configurations such as expected returns in a particular time frame and the underlying algorithm provides the most efficient way to reach the desired goal, without the need for any manual process.

The platform also adjusts the yield optimization on the basis of factors such as transaction cost, Type of token, and more.


From a plethora of Blockchains available in the market, the decision to select Cardano has been made on the fact that Cardano has the potential to become the de factor Blockchain platform for the financial world.

Cardano’s efforts and core principles are aligned with Genius’ goal of making DeFi available for the masses.

With Cardano, Genius will create a global DeFi ecosystem enriched with security and authenticity.

Using Cardano, Genius will be able to fulfil its dream of being a fully decentralized community.

The main reason that Cardano has been founded is to eradicate the complications of existing Blockchain platforms in terms of scalability and security.

The project was started in 2015 making it one of the oldest and original Blockchain platforms. Started by Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), a company managed by Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is a third-generation Blockchain.

Cardano is strategically planned to make DeFi easy for the masses. It allows developers to easily build scalable and secure applications. Further, the native governance token of Cardano, ADA, is also available to the developers to facilitate seamless financial transactions in their applications.

Cardano currently has a market capitalization of more than $50 billion, making it one of the largest decentralized networks in the world.

More importantly, the technical abilities of Cardano are the core reason why it is a perfect DeFi ecosystem for Genius.

There is a Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) that allows the secured transfer of ADA between accounts. This is further complemented by CCL or the Cardano Computational Layer which is the smart contract logic layer of the Blockchain that dictates the transfer of assets.

The consensus used by the Cardano Blockchain is the Ouroboros protocol. From the perspective of decentralization, Cardano is maintained by separate organizations eradicating the chance of monopoly or manipulations.

In addition to this, the Alonzo upgrade is en route to putting Cardano on the map of the DeFi revolution. It will enable developers to build smart contracts on Cardano.

Alonzo is releasing in September of 2021 which is why Genius aims to be the torchbearer of Cardano in the DeFi space by being one of the pilot projects of Alonzo.


Genius offers the following suite of features to the users:

- Auto-compound

- SWAP Cardano Native Token — Cardano Native Token Pools

- Non-Fungible Liquidity

- Flexible Fee Structure

- Concentrated Liquidity

- Liquidity

- Smart liquid management with a Limit sell( Activated by staking GENS )

- Wallet with FIAT deposit

  • Yield dashboard
  • Aggregator driven multi-protocol

The algorithms of Genius are complemented by advanced data analysis techniques. Leveraging these features, Genius helps traders in making informed decisions without the need for any manual work.

Genius offers an advanced portfolio manager with a simple and elegant user interface. Any user can deposit his funds easily on the Genius platform and then view the status of his deposits at any time. The interface offers an at-a-glance view of the user’s portfolio with graphs and pie charts along with several other powerful data visualization techniques. This portfolio becomes a single point of access for the user to manage their funds across various exchanges.

Genius offers continuous profits. The security mechanism of Genius automatically withdraws your assets from an exchange or protocol if there is a sudden fall in the APY of that protocol. Therefore, Genius offers a secure way of optimizing the yield for a user.

The whole process on Genius is automated. Users just have to enter their desired configurations and goals, the underlying algorithm automatically follows the most efficient route to reach those goals in the best possible time.

Genius Yield Optimizer also offers different plans for the users such as Starter, VIP, and Super Farmer. Each plan has a specific limit of tokens that the users have to stake.

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