Genius Yield and Genius X Partners With Numarics, Projects to Access A.I.-Enabled Accounting and Taxation Tools

Genius Yield and Genius X are thrilled to partner with Numarics, a Swiss-based provider of professional accounting and trustee services for startups and medium-sized businesses.

Following this collaboration, Genius X’s startups will receive discounts if they use Numarics solutions. Discounts will vary depending on the package chosen. Numarics offers businesses and partners a proprietary business operating system tool for making process execution faster and more efficient. The platform also incorporates artificial intelligence, which automates, among other processes, accounting, payroll, and taxation.

The creators of Numarics realize the importance of task automation. By infusing artificial intelligence into their core products, adopting businesses would have an edge. With better handling of administrative needs, document management, and tasking accounting processes, founders would work and plan more strategically as they keep track of critical metrics, all from an easy-to-use and intuitive platform.

Numarics has over 200 clients and continues to offer state-of-the-art management in quotes and invoices automation, an easy-to-use cash flows and forecasts dashboard for monitoring, quick bank integration, and premium consulting whenever founders need professional support. Their app was recently awarded the GOLD award at the annual Best of Swiss App Awards in the category Enterprise. In early June 2022, they received over $2 million in their seed funding led by Wingman Ventures and co-funded by Seed X Liechtenstein.

Genius Yield is building a unique protocol on Cardano that will bring DeFi closer to millions of people across the world. Its flagship product will be the Genius DEX that’s set for launch in Q3 2022. This is a decentralized exchange on Cardano using concentrated liquidity. On top of the Genius DEX, there will be an artificial intelligence-powered yield optimizer called the Smart Liquidity Vault. This tool will allow users to earn passive income by automating their trading strategies.

Genius X is a business accelerator program that supports ambitious projects, fast-tracking the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. Over nine startups have been vetted and onboarded to the Genius X program. Through the partnership with Numarics, they would access top-notch AI-guided accounting and trustee services besides marketing, technical, legal, and business development support delivered by Genius X. Preceding this partnership is the ongoing Genius X ISPO that will end on September 12, 2022 (Epoch 363).

About Genius Yield

Genius Yield is an all-in-one protocol on Cardano that opens up access to DeFi for everyone. Our solutions, including the Genius DEX and yield optimizer, are practical and distill the needless complexities in the thriving crypto industry.

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About Genius X

Genius X fosters innovation on the Cardano network and Web3 that empowers protocols to build impactful and scalable blockchain-based companies that will have a massive impact across the globe. We incubate, accelerate and scale incredible projects on Cardano and Web3 through our advisory, mentor, and growth experiences.

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About Numarics

Numarics is the first all-in-one solution for your accounting and business management. Using Numarics, businesses would efficiently and quickly take charge of their ever-growing administrative needs. As a result, founders can set their sights on sustainable growth.

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Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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Genius Yield

Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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