Genius Yield Partners with NMKR to mint ISPO NFTs

Genius Yield
2 min readSep 5, 2022


Genius Yield is teaming up with NMKR to mutually support each other’s ecosystems and to mint 5,000 remaining Genius Yield ISPO Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

As part of the agreement, NMKR will also provide liquidity to the NMKR/ADA pair on the Genius DEX, an order-book decentralized exchange using concentrated liquidity set to launch in Q4 2022. NMKR is the native Cardano token of the NMKR platform.

Genius Yield will use NMKR’S free-to-use minting API and the payment gateway, NMKR Pay, leveraging the platform’s whitelabel user interface to exclusively mint NFTs for the next 18 months. In return, Genius Yield will provide NMKR early access to the Smart Order Router (SOR), an off-chain order matching bot for the Genius DEX.

In the early stage of the Genius Yield project, each NFT shall unlock the GENS staking reward program for vested GENS, the native token for Genius Yield. Going forward, more utilities will be added allowing NFTs to unlock more features in the broader Genius Yield ecosystem.

Genius Yield is a DeFi protocol that’s building an order book decentralized exchange and Yield Optimizer on Cardano. The Genius Yield ISPO NFTs were designed to incentivize participation in their crowdfunding event that ended in May 2022. Depending on how long one delegated at least 500 ADA to any of the four official staking pools, they could qualify for the Genius Yield Bonus Reward Program, earn additional GENS, and receive one or even two limited-edition Genius Yield ISPO NFTs in any of the six NFT categories.

NMKR is the world‘s leading brand to create a suite of tools that help companies, artists, developers, and self-starters to develop blockchain products. With a strong focus on accessibility, NMKR has created a mix of easy-to-use development APIs and no-code building blocks, which can be combined in a modular way and bundled them up into their core product NMKR Studio.

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Genius Yield is an all-in-one protocol on Cardano that allows everyone to benefit from DeFi. Our solutions are practical and easy to use, allowing participants to reap the benefits of DeFi in a mitigated environment anchored on security, transparency, and automation.

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Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.