Genius Yield partners with World Mobile Token

Genius Yield is pleased to partner with the World Mobile Token, a Cardano-based platform that aims to power a multi-trillion global mobile network, to fast-track DeFi adoption.

The goal of this collaboration is to make access to financial education easier while bringing practical and tangible DeFi use cases to ordinary users.

As part of the deal and in the spirit of blockchain’s quest to promote deeper interoperability and composability, Genius Yield and World Mobile Token will support each other’s tokens in their respective protocols. This will, in turn, boost their respective token liquidity.

World Mobile Token shall support Genius Yield’s liquidity pools in the Genius DEX and Smart Liquidity Vault. The Smart Liquidity Vault, also known as the Yield Optimizer, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and is built on top of the Genius DEX. On the other hand, Genius Yield shall set up and provide early access to the Smart Order Router, an offchain order matching bot, for the World Mobile Token (WMT) and operate a World Mobile Token’s EarthNode. The EarthNode is central in securing the World Mobile Token’s ecosystem and processing transactions.

WMT is the utility token that powers the sharing economy of the platform’s global mobile network and is used to pay for services such as streaming, gaming, and e-commerce through the World Mobile app. Holders of WMT can also stake in fixed pools through the Genius DEX’s staking feature to earn additional WMT yield.

Additionally, Genius Yield and World Mobile Token shall collaborate to design and mint 2,000 utility NFTs. Holders who opt to stake their NFTs together with WMT via the Genius DEX will receive higher WMT yield. Moreover, NFT holders will get early access to VIP areas or native World Mobile app features. Holders will receive a 25% discount from the one-year-long paid blockchain course offered by Genius Academy from Q2 2023.

The 2,000 NFTs will be distributed as follows:

  • 1000 NFTs will be airdropped to the World Mobile Token community and EarthNode operators

Genius Academy equips readers with the necessary toolsets by availing in-depth articles for users to better grasp the increasingly sophisticated and dynamic crypto and DeFi ecosystems.

The educational platform has struck valuable partnerships with PSL University (Paris Sciences & Lettres), an umbrella bringing together 11 ivy-league universities and engineering schools in France, and has onboarded three top crypto and blockchain experts, including Dr. Lars Brunjes, Christopher Fox, and Loic Staub.

As part of Genius Academy’s collaboration with PSL University, MINES Paris — PSL and Paris Dauphine University professors will give lectures in an arrangement where registering students will get a degree tailored specifically for mid-career executive professionals.

Genius Yield and World Mobile Token will also present their projects via a livestream during the first Hackathon for Haskell and Plutus in Latin America (LATAM) held at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN), Argentina. The two-day event scheduled from September 3 rd to 4th , 2022, is organized by Ada Solar, a Cardano-based project that utilizes the potential of solar power to democratize energy, and UTN. Genius Yield,, AnetaBTC, Tosidrop, and Input-Output Global (IOG), the development team behind the Cardano blockchain, are sponsoring this event.

About World Mobile Token

World Mobile Token is the utility token that powers the sharing economy for World Mobile’s global mobile network. All transactions generated on the network will be paid out in WMT to node operators and stakers. Transactions on the network are generated via calls, texts, streaming, internet browsing or using any other value added services such as content, finance, healthcare, insurance, micro-loans offered and more through World Mobile service

World Mobile Token aims to promote digital inclusion by deploying a dynamic hybrid mobile network of aerial and ground assets to connect the unconnected and bank the unbanked, helping to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). World Mobile has partnered with IOHK as a direct result of its intention to provide financial services, insurance, micro-loans, RealFi, and much more to end-users.

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About Genius Yield

Genius Yield is an all-in-one protocol on Cardano that opens up access to DeFi for everyone. Our solutions are practical and easy to use, allowing participants to reap the benefits of DeFi in a mitigated environment anchored on security, transparency, and automation.

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Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.