How to purchase a Genius Yield NFT on CardaHub ?

To ensure a smooth minting process, we have created a tutorial on how to purchase NFTs through Cardahub!


First, you need a wallet with a Dapp connector.The most popular of which would be Nami, Eternl or Gero wallet. In Eternl wallet, you need to specify the wallet as a DApp account. Daedalus will not work.

Please make sure to download your wallet directly from their website. Also triple check to make sure it’s not an imposter site or download link. Keep your seed phrase private and never share it with anyone, take a picture of it or type it on any digital device.

If you have an existing wallet with a dapp connector, you can use that. Although we recommend creating a new wallet because it will minimize the complexity of the transaction and reduce the probability of a failed transaction due to the inner Cardano structure.

Fund Wallet: After you have installed the wallet, we suggest you send a small amount of ADA as a test. Once that is successful, transfer the desired amount of ADA to your wallet.

Set Collateral: In order to interact with the platform, you must set up collateral of 5 ADA. Collateral is a monetary mechanism used to guarantee that nodes are compensated for their work in case the validation of Plutus script (address of smart contract) fails. This is also to prevent a malicious actor from flooding the network. This is to secure the network and prevent failures.

Now that your wallet has been created, let’s familiarize ourselves with Cardahub!


Cardahub is an NFT minting platform and marketplace that offers on-chain/offchain smart contracts that offers flexibility to enforce on-demand rules to the assets that are minted by their platform.

Connect Your Wallet: To interact with any smart contract you need to connect your wallet using a Dapp Connector. Once your wallet is connected you’ll be able to purchase an NFT on the CardaHub platform. The connect button can be found at the top of the webpage, on the right side.

Click on Distributions: CardaHub offers customizable distribution services to CNFT projects that want to ensure a smooth and user-friendly minting event. By clicking on the “distributions” tab you’ll be able to explore the ongoing distributions hosted on the CardaHub platform.

Purchasing an NFT: By clicking on “purchase” you prevent other people from doing so at the same time. If you’re the first to do so you’ll be the only one able to mint the NFT you selected. To avoid gamification of the system, if you don’t sign the transaction within 5 minutes of the signing dialog pop-up window, the transaction will be canceled, and you’ll have to wait 15 minutes for the next minting attempt.
To avoid the use of bots during popular minting events CardaHub has implemented anti-bots protection and Google Captcha solving.

CardaHub is a smart contract NFT platform, meaning they will handle the transaction with the Cardano Blockchain. They will ask for your signature by filling your spending password in your wallet interface in order to process the transaction themselves.

Once it’s done you should receive your precious NFT directly in your wallet.

So, before the Mascot Genius Yield NFT sale starts, be sure to explore and discover CardaHub NFT marketplace and maybe find your happiness among the pieces of art offered on the platform? Explore their collections to find the details of each series, such as description of the project, description of each NFT and price of course.

Find a short video tutorial on our Youtube channel :

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Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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Genius Yield

Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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