Meet Genius Yield’s Team Dr. Sothy Kol-Men — Managing Partner

First of all, please introduce yourself. How did you first get involved in crypto?

My name is Sothy Kol-Men. I am a seasoned strategy and asset management expert holding a PhD in Law with a deep understanding of capital markets, digital assets, and regulatory affairs. In 2017, I joined a Swiss crypto investment management company as COO. Among other things, I was responsible for setting up one of the world’s first crypto investment funds domiciled in Malta and to obtain regulatory approvals and licenses. Since then, I co-founded and initiated several crypto-related projects, including Swiss Asia Crypto Alliance (SACA), a venture that fosters and connects Swiss and Asian Fintech & Blockchain companies with investors, partners, and clients.

How and when did you start working with Genius Yield? What’s your role?

I met Laurent, Genius Yield’s initial founder, in summer this year. We discussed the idea and concept of how to build the world’s first yield optimizer powered by the Cardano blockchain, and how I can contribute to the undertaking giving my experience in the crypto space. Soon after, I joined Genius Yield as Co-Founder and Managing Partner. My role comprises operations, human capital, legal, regulatory affairs, corporate and business development,

If you had to say in your own words, what is the main purpose of this project? What problem does it solve?

Genius Yield has developed an AI-powered Smart Liquidity Management protocol that algorithmically automates asset allocation to maximize an user’s APY, while minimizing risk exposure. In addition, we believe knowledge is power. This is why we created the Genius Yield Academy, a community-driven educational and mentorship platform that teaches DeFi concepts and supports everyone in their journey towards financial freedom.

Genius Yield’s native token is $GENS. What’s your favorite use case that you see come to life in the future?

$GENS holders can play an active role by voting or delegating on development proposals of our protocol, and unlock certain premium features in our application.

How different is GeniusYield from other DeFi projects you’ve worked on or invested in?

Most DeFi projects are built on BSC or on the Ethereum blockchain. These DEX’s often include an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that offers yield farming. Genius Yield’s application runs on Cardano and uniquely features automated yield optimization.

Without speculating too much… What’s your target TVL for the ISPO and target price for $GENS in the next year?

Our mission is to build a DeFi application that is simple to understand and easy to use on one hand and on the other hand that automatically maximizes an user’s APY. Users will quickly recognize the many advantages of our solution once deployed. We are in the long run. Therefore, I am not thinking much about speculation in the short term.

Genius Yield ISPO basics

Start date: December 15th, 2021

End date: June 15th, 2022

GENS Rewards: 10 Million GENS

Running for 36 Epoch (1 epoch = 5 days)

Accumulated GENS rewards will be airdropped to the delegator’s wallet after the Token Genesis Event (time of minting). ADA holders will be able to delegate their funds to a stake pool in exchange for staking rewards. To participate in the ISPO you will simply need to delegate to Genius Yield’s’ stake pools. In return, you will be rewarded with GENS tokens based on the amount of ADA staked and the length of staking.

For more details see Genius Yield’s ISPO documentation.

About Genius Yield

While DeFi provides many investment opportunities, managing capital is both complex and time-consuming. Genius Yield is your all-in-one solution to benefit from advanced algorithmic trading strategies and yield optimization opportunities. Our Smart Liquidity Management protocol is intuitive, hassle-free, and secure. Genius Yield minimizes risk and maximizes profits.

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Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.