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4 min readSep 6, 2022


ISPO NFT Minting Alternative

We are proud to team with NMKR (formerly to mint the remainder of our ISPO NFTS! Thank you for being patient.

While we have full confidence in Cardahub and smart contract minting, it’s still in the nascent stages and we wanted to provide our community with an alternative method.

The ISPO NFTs minted with NMKR will be “Season 2 ISPO NFTs” and will have the same designs, same metadata but different policy IDs from the ones minted on CardaHub. We remind our dear community that only eligible whitelisted delegators can mint an ISPO NFT with NMKR.

One of the strengths of minting with a smart contract is that it cannot be altered, preventing malicious actors from using it. Unfortunately, the policy IDs of the ISPO NFTs are locked within the smart contract, which causes minting issues with some of our community members. What makes a smart contract strong in our case is also its weakness as no improvements or alterations can be made to it as its values are immutable.
That’s why we have decided to end the ISPO NFT minting utilizing smart contracts on CardaHub.

The ISPO NFTs minted on CardaHub are STILL VALID and will unlock the same utilities as the ones minted with NMKR, they also can be traded on the secondary market. Therefore, they have the same intrinsic value.

Minting ended on Friday, September 2nd on CardaHub and will start on Tuesday, September 6th with NMKR.

To mint your ISPO NFT, please head over to the new Genius Yield NFT page.

Genius Yield NFT new webpage

As our ecosystem and project are developing, it’s becoming more difficult to follow the changes. That’s why we have developed a space where one can find all the relevant information and links concerning our different NFT collections. There you will find links to the secondary market as well as minting links.

Please have a look and (re)discover our different collections and their different utilities. If you haven’t done it yet, mint your ISPO NFT with NMKR and be prepared for the upcoming Genius NFTs collection!

Genius NFT Collection

We are very excited to announce the minting of our Genius NFT Collection! There will be a total of 8k Genius NFTs minted over 2 rounds. Genius NFTs will allow its owner to earn an APY boost from 2 to 6%!

Find more information about the Genius NFTs on the Genius Yield NFT new webpage!

Mint date: TBA

The first round will be open to those who have been added to the white list. A total of 6k Genius NFTs will be minted in round 1.

The second round will be a public mint, first come first served. A total of 2k will be minted in round 2.

Whitelisting process

The whitelisting process for the Genius NFTs is simple- own a bonus ISPO NFT : Diamond Hands/ Ape/ Degen/ HODLer/ Shark/ FOMO from season 1 or 2 and verify your wallet on the Genius Yield Discord Server. If you’re not yet a member, join here! We will open a channel for NFT holders with directions on how to be added to the whitelist.
All Bonus ISPO NFT holders are guaranteed a spot on the whitelist!
Diamond Hands and Ape NFT holders will also have a chance to mint any NFTs not purchased in round 1! More details to come!

Discord Roles for NFT Holders

Being a Genius Yield NFT holder unlocks utilities on the Genius Yield platform but it now unlocks several other features. To unlock the full potential of your ISPO NFT you must go through the wallet verification process on our discord server using CNFT Tools bot. CNFT Tools are a reliable and renowned bot provider for Discord servers and we fully trust their skills.

Once you’ve been verified, the CNFT Tools verifier bot will automatically grant you different discord roles according to which NFT you’re holding.

Depending on your NFT holding, you’ll be granted access to

  • special channels
  • organized giveaways
  • whitelisting for future NFT drops.

More features might be added in the future!

World Mobile Token Partners with Genius Yield

If you haven’t heard yet, we are teaming up with World Mobile Token! As part of the collaboration, we will be distributing a collection of NFT with special utilities! There will only be 2k minted- 1k of which will be minted by Genius Yield. Keep your eye out on future announcements to see how you can get a hold of one of these special NFTS!

For more information about our partnership, please visit this medium article.



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