Stake Pools GENS2, GENS3, and GENSX Retiring in Epoch 403

We sincerely thank our amazing Community for their long-term support of Genius Yield, Genius X, and the projects in the Genius X accelerator program. Your support makes the development of these projects possible and helps expand the offering of the whole ecosystem. We are Cardano.

It’s time to move on to the next step: Due to the evolving nature of the regulatory landscape, we will not be hosting a second Multi-token ISPO. This aligns with our commitment to approaching regulatory compliance proactively to maintain the long-term health of our project.

Hence, we will be shutting down GENS2, GENS3, and GENSX in epoch 403. If you are currently delegating to GENS2, GENS3, or GENSX, please redelegate to another stake pool as soon as possible.

The last snapshot in these pools will be on epoch 403 (on March 31st). Please move your delegation before this date. Delegators will not earn rewards after epoch 403. If want to know how Cardano proof-of-stake protocol works, it’s explained in this article of Genius Academy

However, we want to do our part by securing the network and contributing to decentralization by keeping GENS1 stakepool active. If you would like to show your continued support, please consider delegating to GENS1. Delegators will earn ADA with 0% margin fees.

What’s Next?

We encourage our delegators to support single stake pool operators to aim for a healthy decentralization of the Cardano Blockchain and kindly invite our community to redelegate as soon as possible in GENS1 or one of our Ambassadors’ pools, all of them single stake pools. If you would rather research the current ISPO options, check out Maestro’s ISPO marketplace found here.

Pete- Learn Cardano Podcast is running ADAOZ: aims to provide optimal uptime and rewards while supporting the Cardano ecosystem as a single SPO and providing educational content, resources, and tools to help grow Cardano. Delegating will help the Learn Cardano Podcast and CardanoPress.

Pool ID: 6658713e2cbfa4e347691a0435953f5acbe9f03d330e94caa3a0cfb4

George is running APEX: run by an IT Specialist with 25 years of IT experience, who is also developing Cardano, supporting the Cardano community and the decentralization of Cardano.

Pool ID: 538299a358e79a289c8de779f8cd09dd6a6bb286de717d1f744bb357

Farid is running DAPP: The Dapp Central Stake Pool is dedicated to educating and onboarding new members into the blockchain space by providing the latest news, tutorials, and reviews on all things Cardano.

Pool ID: 076c483d263502a49b138614b24820e9ce0f010b6de8b8f62ab87ecd

Angelos is running SAPIO to Educate non-technical people about blockchain and Cardano in the Greek Community. Part of the mission-driven pools, 25% of their profits are for charity.

Pool ID: c3cd2527a5f0b82a86ff69fdd5a3440dc51bcb957953ba19137738c0

Brian is running HERO: working to change the world.

Pool ID: 259d8027c33ee454ec2319531269495c07fefcdb52a513c5090f59ed

Alonzo is running EPOCH: Is a high-pledge Cardano Stake Pool maintained by a duo of computer scientists who want to provide high-quality blockchain education and infrastructure for long-term HODLers

Pool ID: 03e5b1d3dc6da6101ed402d0ba310d900a110c59627472eb4e34ce24

La Petite ADA is running GRANA: Strive to sustainably decentralize the Cardano ecosystem with bare metal nodes running on renewables, and donating 25% of the rewards to tree-planting projects to make Cardano carbon neutral.

Pool ID: 7a4c1ee9d663dd8d3b1bedf13155cc624c5dfa95f432c30d198cd3c6

Thank you again Genius Family. We look forward to continuing this journey with you. Stay tuned for exciting updates that are coming soon.

About Genius Yield

Genius Yield is an all-in-one protocol on Cardano that allows everyone to benefit from DeFi. Our solutions are practical and easy to use, allowing participants to reap the benefits of DeFi in a mitigated environment anchored on security, transparency, and automation.

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Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.