The Genius Yield ISPO is Ending. What’s Next?

Hello Genius Community!

We’re proud to announce the successful conclusion of our Genius Yield ISPO on May 10th, 2022 in Epoch 338. We have been overwhelmed by the community support and interest in our DEX and our corresponding ISPO. What began in December 2021 has grown into one of the most successful ISPOs in Cardano to date!

Here are some highlights:

- We grew from 1300+ participants in December 2021 to well over 14,000 participants through the end of the ISPO.

- We began with a little over 27 million ADA staked to over 270,000,000+ million ADA staked per epoch!

- Participation has led to all of our active pools becoming and remaining saturated or near saturation since the beginning of February 2022 onwards.

- Due to this unprecedented level of interest and enthusiasm, the Genius Yield team provisioned an additional 5 million $GENS for a total of 15 million $GENS to be distributed in the ISPO.

With the conclusion of the Genius Yield ISPO, qualified ADA delegators will participate in the upcoming Public Sale of an additional 3 million $GENS tokens!

Depending on the staking period, ISPO delegators will earn the right to participate in this upcoming public sale, the details and dates of which are listed below, and the bonus reward program where Genius Yield will also distribute one million $GENS to ISPO participants as stated under our Bonus Reward Program. Bonus reward $GENS tokens are subject to the same vesting schedule as ISPO $GENS tokens.

Bonus reward details and structure can be found here:

So What’s Next? The Genius X ISPO!

What is Genius X? Genius X is a Cardano-focused launchpad and accelerator program that provides financial infrastructure and technological expertise to propel early-stage startups to attain speed, scale, and edge.

The Genius X platform offers the following services:

· Fundraising and marketing strategy and execution

· Initial stake pool offering (ISPO) and tokenomics design

· Legal and bank account support

· Smart contract support

· Business and product development

· Integration into the Genius Yield ecosystem

The Genius X ISPO will begin immediately after the conclusion of our Genius Yield ISPO with the first snapshot on May 15th, starting with epoch 339. Be sure to delegate during epoch 338 to be included in the first epoch!

The Genius X ISPO will be held on the same existing 4 pools that were created and used for our Genius Yield ISPO, GENS1, GENS2, GENS3 and GENSX, starting with epoch 339.The ISPO will last for 25 epochs, ending September 12th with the last snapshot being taken on epoch 363.

The ISPO will distribute 250,000,000 $GENSX tokens, 25% of the total supply of 1 billion $GENSX tokens. Every epoch, the GENSX ISPO will reward 10 million $GENSX tokens. Those tokens will be distributed in proportion to the amount of ADA staked. Due to a variable reward conversion, we cannot estimate how much a delegator will earn in rewards. $GENSX tokens will be airdropped to the delegator’s wallet after the ISPO completes, based on a vesting schedule.

Genius X is also incentivizing ADA delegation by rewarding bonus NFTs whose utilities will be announced in the weeks ahead. The type of NFT awarded depends on the delegation period.

There are three categories of Utility NFTs:

- Titan NFTs will be awarded to users who stake at least 500 ADA for 21 epochs and more.

- Comet NFTs will be awarded to users who stake at least 500 ADA for 14 epochs and more.

- Vesta NFTs will be awarded to users who stake at least 500 ADA for a minimum of 7 epochs

In collaboration with one of our Genius X startups, IAGON, a decentralized cloud computing and storage platform, our GENS2 pool will be a 50% $GENSX / 50% $IAG pool. The $IAG token rewards will follow the Iagon ISPO (which started April 20th, 2022) reward conversion rate. Delegators will earn 50% of the $GENSX rewards they would have earned in a 100% $GENSX rewards pool and 50% of the $IAG rewards they would have earned in the Iagon ISPO 100% pool.

On top of that, to celebrate this partnership, Iagon will add a bonus 2 million $IAG tokens for GENS2 delegators. With each Epoch, an additional 80,000 $IAG tokens will be awarded proportionally for all GENS2 delegators.

$GENSX tokens earned during the ISPO will be airdropped according to the schedule below:

25% will be released on April, 2023

25% will be released on August, 2023

25% will be released on December, 2023

25% will be released on April, 2024

The Public Sale

We’re excited to enter into the next phase of Genius Yield with our upcoming public sale of 3 million $GENS tokens, and we encourage you to stay engaged and get ready for the sale! $GENS tokens from the public sale are not subject to any vesting schedule.

The dates are:

Round 1: June 24 until June 29 (during epoch 347) Diamond Hands and Ape, 1m $GENS
Price: $0.85

Round 2: June 29 until July 4 (during epoch 348) HODLer and Degen, 1m $GENS
Price: $1.15

Round 3: July 4 until July 9 (during epoch 349) FOMO and Shark, 1m $GENS
Price: $1.40

Round 4: From July 9 to July 14 (epoch 350) Round 4 is open for all investors who failed to secure a slot in Round 1, 2, or 3. All $GENS tokens not purchased in each of the first three rounds will be reallocated to Round 4. Price: $1.50

Further details about the public sale found here:

The Future of Genius Yield

Genius Yield has grown from being a new Cardano venture to one of the most anticipated projects in the ecosystem, and that’s all due to our incredible team and you, the passionate community members who continue to advocate for a platform which is for the everyday Cardano user.

We want you to have access to the most user-friendly experience with a powerful backend that does all the hard work for you. No impermanent loss + AI powered yield optimization + an easy to use UI. Simple but powerful. This, along with your support, is the reason our ISPO was such an incredible success, and why the future is bright for the Genius ecosystem.

We encourage those of you who are already delegated to our GENS pools, to remain there as we transition into the GENSX ISPO. There is nothing further you need to do in order to participate in the GENSX ISPO. For those interested who have not delegated yet, we advise you to monitor our pool saturation levels which are updated regularly in our discord and telegram channels, and if there is room available, to delegate accordingly. Genius X will be a powerful platform that works in tandem with our Genius Yield DEX and you won’t want to miss out!












Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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Genius Yield

Genius Yield

Genius Yield is the all-in-one DeFi platform, that combines concentrated liquidity DEX with an automated yield optimizer.

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