What are Genius DEX’s Smart Swaps?

The Genius DEX and Smart Swaps

Smart Swaps’ Order Types

  • A limit order that is an order to buy or sell an asset at a specific price. In the Genius DEX, this order will remain active until it is matched. Afterwards, depending on the exchange’s liquidity, it can be fully or partially filled. If the latter is the case, it shall remain active until it is fully filled at the price specified by the trader. Genius DEX’s traders will also have the flexibility of setting the expiry date of limit orders or even canceling them.
  • A stop order that functions similar to a limit order but with two key differences. The most notable is that it won’t be visible in the order book. Secondly, the stop order uses price to trigger an actual order when the specified price has been traded. In all, a stop order is used to protect profits, limit losses, and even initiate new positions.
  • A dynamic order where the trigger is not price but a data type which can be an oracle stream, a financial indicator, or a statistical metric from an indicator, such as a Bollinger Band, Relative Strength Indicator (RSI), or MACD — used in technical analysis. When used, dynamic orders allow for the execution of even more complex trading strategies.
  • An algorithmic order allows for abstraction and automation of advanced trading strategies within a Plutus smart contract. The order type combines market, limit, stop, and dynamic orders into a Meta order, chaining random orders triggered by a set of arbitrary conditions spread out across time. Combining different order types makes it possible to define and efficiently execute entire algorithmic trading strategies in a single, smart swap.

Smart Swaps is a Key Cog for Smart Liquidity Vaults



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